What a hoot! Thanks for flocking with us! 
See you owls in Midtown in August of 2022!

Elegantly weird, Parliament of Owls is a black and white owl themed lantern parade based in community participation.

The attire is black and white, as well. Everyone is invited to make an owl lantern and walk in the parade!

Any kind of black and white owl lantern made of any material is welcome! Lantern parades love invention. 

For easy owls, Owl Lantern Kits are for sale and free owl mask prints are available! Free mask downloads below.

Where can you watch?  Check out the Parade Route!

















These owl masks are intended to be illuminated from below with a flashlight. Your phone has one! They are best printed on 11 x 17 card stock. Office Depot or Staples will print one for you for 40 cents. You'll need elastic, ribbon, or string to attach them. I bet you could figure out how to make a lantern with them, too!
Big thanks to our sponsor and host!