These paper-cut angel lanterns are "keep-safes", a small space to hold focus on our loved ones while we wait to be together again. When it is safe to parade lanterns together again, let's have Parades of Angels.  


These paper cut angels are kits that include 11 x 17" prints, a light, batteries, a stick, and a HOBBY KNIFE, so it is best for people 13+. Inside the lantern is a space for your collage, photos, or words. There is a blank page for your own designs, too. The angels go on a stick for when we can parade or to stake in your yard for "parading-in-place". Without the stick the angels sit on a surface or can hang on a wall. They are available through  Etsy . There is a free downloadable little angel for little people below!


Free Little Angel Lantern Print! 
Helpful Angel Slide Show
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