Take a look at these beautiful lantern parades and be inspired! 

The Lismore Lantern Parade, Lismore, Austrailia.

The Lotus Lantern Festival, Seoul, Korea.

Lantern Supplies & Ideas

Be inventive! We all love seeing new lantern forms. Lantern kits are available in the communities where our parades are in advance of the parade. The 2020 angel lanterns can be shipped.

Cardboard boxes can become wonderful lanterns. Here's a  Tutorial for Illuminated Dioramas + Box Lanterns

www.paperlanternstore.com is a great place to shop for a simple base lantern. Trick those out with colored tissue paper, drawings, streamers, cup cake papers, string, whatever is in your craft drawer! Keep in mind they take a week to ship. 


You can find paper lanterns at Richard's Variety Store in Mid-town Atlanta, and sometimes at Ikea and Dollar Tree.


3-LED tap lights illuminate the volume of a 20" globe lantern nicely. You can use clear packing tape to attach them. They typically can be found on line and at Ace Hardware, WalMart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, Dollar Tree, and CVS. Battery-Op string lights and others are all over the internet and prices vary wildly. 


It is wonderful fun to build with flexible sticks and masking tape. I was using the flat bamboo of  disassembled window blinds but they are no longer around. Sometimes they are at a thrift store. Wisteria and woody vines that grow around Atlanta are good. Willow "withies" from the UK are wonderful to work with. The shipping is pricey. I always have some around, if you are interested.


Tip: If you build with sticks and tape, you can put plastic wrap all around your form and then you can glue (60/40 white glue & H2O) regular tissue paper to it. Or just use plain white paper like paper mâché. Or be fancy and hot glue fabric.


There's a lot of DIY lantern references online. If you want to go really big, consider the parade puppet building tips at The Puppeteer's Cooperative and add lights!


Pinterest Lantern Ideas

Twine Lanterns

Paper Cut Lanterns

Filipino Parol Star

Get some more ideas from the Lantern Workshop Gallery!

By the way, no Flying Lanterns! They set fires. One set a 6 million dollar 3-day long fire at a recycling plant in Smethwick, UK. A tear in the paper will cause them to list, catch fire, and not gain altitude. That is why their nick name is flaming litter. The fire fighters of the world are trying to ban flying lanterns.


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