Lantern Parade Resources

Feel free to invent! We all love seeing new lantern forms. There are all kinds of ways to make volumes of light.

For 2020 parading-in-place, there is the advantage of electricity and the lanterns being stationary. Consider retrofitting your holiday lights with lanterns. Maybe there is an undersung household LED light that could be a starlet on your front porch. Our traditional parade lanterns are made of paper and battery operated. It is a nice intentionality to set out a lantern and light it at sunset and to turn it off before bed. Most batteries would last a week that way. There are no workshops this year, but globe lantern kits and illuminated parasol kits will be for sale at select retail locations after Labor Day. Check them out in the Lantern Workshop Gallery. The paper-cut angel lanterns are available by mail now.

These little "lantern string lights" are fun! There are many vendors online ranging from $9 to $20, in paper and nylon. Decorate them with construction paper and glue! Hot glue for nylon.

The Lismore Lantern Parade, Lismore, Austrailia.

Maybe you have string lights hanging up already. If the bulbs are not too hot to touch, they should be fine for lanterns. You could have KISS on your porch! Consider the space between the bulbs when you decide what sizes to order. Use wire, twine, or twist ties to attach the lanterns to the wire. There are paper and nylon from many vendors in lots of colors and shapes. They also come in gigantic. You could drop several lights in one big one. A disco ball in a big one is really great. Search "paper lanterns" and you will find them.

The Lotus Lantern Festival, Seoul, Korea.

Cardboard boxes can be wonderful lanterns! Here is a video tutorial for illuminated dioramas and box lanterns. They are with a variety of light sources. "3 LED puck lights" are good, like the kind made for under cabinets. There are all kinds on line and often at a hardware store.

Plastic bottles can make lovely lanterns reimagined with tissue paper or paint.  Check out photos of the Jamaica Pond Lantern Parade and this step-by-step tutorial by Handmade Charlotte. You can do cool things with jars, too.

Check out these beautiful lantern parades!

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