Since we can’t parade together again this year and we all really need a dose of fun, the Krewe encourages all our gnomies to do some good gnomework and host or attend a Gnome Picnic this spring! The garden of gnomely delights that needs some extra love this year is local bars & restaurants and musicians.

Consider organizing a Gnome Picnic with your favorite gnomies in a COVID safe way; distanced circles in a park, in your big front yard, on your restaurant’s patio, or tailgating in the parking lot. Preferably somewhere that passersby will catch your good gnome vibe and smile. Buy your gnome picnic from a local restaurant, get your gnome beers from a gnometown brewery, put your gnome dollars together and hire local musicians!  We will post gnome specials and public gnome picnics as we hear about them! There's a wonderful gnome picnic in the works at Uptown! Details soon!

APRIL 17, 2021, 5:30-10pm
Free Gnome Hats! Free Gnome Movie! Wasted Potential Brass Band + Food Trucks!
Reservations for lawn circles open soon!

In case you have just landed here, a favorite Atlanta April tradition is dressing up like a garden gnome and walking with the Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons (the folks who bring us the lantern parades) in the Inman Park Festival Parade. Since 2009, the Krewe has invited everyone from everywhere to don a red pointy hat, make a sassy gnomenclature sign, and play at being a gang of garden gnomes in the parade. Several hundred gnomes participate each year. Rolling with the gnomies is ridiculous fun. The Atlanta Gnomes unofficially broke the world record for Largest Gathering of People-Dressed-As-Garden-Gnomes with 755 gnomes in 2018.